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Boating accident leaves 5 teens injured, 1 dead

Six teens boating along Middle River in Fort Lauderdale on Aug. 12 were the victims of a serious boating accident that caused five injuries and one fatality. The boat careened into a bridge around midnight due to unknown causes. Three of the teens were in critical condition, two sustained minor injuries, and one teenager died.

One bystander noticed the boat, telling police officials that the boat full of teenagers was speeding significantly. The driver of the boat held a valid boater safety ID but was not the owner of the vessel. Investigators are still uncertain what caused the accident, and they are looking into the circumstances of the collision.

Friends of the victims spoke to authorities and the media, declaring the boating proficiency of all of the girls and boys involved. Since the accident, some of the victims have undergone surgery to treat their conditions. Two of the teenagers have been released from the hospital.

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