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Orlando alligator attack victim’s body recovered

Florida authorities recently recovered the body of the 2-year-old Nebraska boy who was attacked by an alligator at a Disney World vacation resort near Orlando, a June 15 article of The Washington Post reported.

Lane Graves’ body was recovered by divers at 1:45 p.m., not far from where he was pulled into a lagoon by an alligator. On June 14, Lane was vacationing at the resort with his parents when an alligator dragged him into the man-made lake around 9 p.m.. Jerry Demings of the Orange County Sheriff Office told reporters that both of Lane’s parents attempted to rescue their son from the estimated 4 to 7 foot reptile. They also asked for help from a lifeguard. Authorities revealed that the boy likely died from drowning since his body was intact when it was discovered. The area of the Disney property where the attack happened did not have proper signage to warn people of alligators. 

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