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Road Rage In Palm Beach County: Tips For Keeping Your Cool

In a seven-year period, 218 homicides and 12,610 injuries were attributed to road rage, according to the American Safety Council website.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducted a nationwide study of drivers in July 2016. This study showed that 80 percent of U.S. drivers have engaged in some form of aggression.  This while they were on the road. This includes honking, yelling, and tailgating.

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Above 7 percent of drivers in the study revealed they went as far as exiting their vehicles to confront another driver or hit another car on purpose.

Many of these situations can be avoided.  Driver need to maintain their distance from other cars.  this is according to the Florida Department of Motor vehicles website.

 Below are tips to keep your cool and prevent road rage:

  1. Try not to agitate another driver – Causing another driver to change their speed or direction, or hit their brakes, could cause conflict. If you find that you have agitated another driver, whether the fault is truly yours or not, do not react or retaliate to the other driver on the road. This will only cause the situation to escalate.
  2. Be tolerant of others – Assume the other driver is having a bad day. Do not take their actions or inactions personal. Remind yourself that the other driver is just bad at handling stress.
  3. Do not interact – Avoid eye contact and continue to practice safe driving habits. Try and maintain the space around your vehicle. If you feel like your safety is at risk, call 911.
  4. Be a considerate, aware driver that follows the rules of the road – While it may be difficult in the heat of the moment, do not give in to feelings of anger.  Or other rage on the road.

Finally, think twice before you honk your horn or flip that finger.  You never know what may upset drivers around you. Getting home safely is more important than teaching someone a dangerous lesson.

“Don’t risk escalating a frustrating situation, because you never know what the other driver might do. Maintain a cool head and focus on reaching your destination safely,” AAA’s director of traffic safety advocacy and research Jake Nelson said.

Attorney Jason Weisser of Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller and Overbeck responded about the crash.  “One of the best ways to keep safe and not injured is to avoid confrontation.  Please don’t get involved with something as possibly damaging as road rage”.

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