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Two Killed In Glades County Traffic Collision

A multiple Collision at Glades County claimed two lives, leaving two others seriously injured.



The multiple collision which involved four vehicles and a pedestrian occurred on Road 721, Glades County.

According to a spokesman for the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), a Dodge Truck was headed North bound on the County Road 721 when it reportedly wandered into the southbound lane.

A Ford 500 which was coming in the opposite direction swerved to avoid the collision and skidded to a stop against the guardrail on the west shoulder of the road. A 2017 Hyundai approaching from the North was unable to avoid colliding with the Dodge truck which was still barrelling down the southbound lane facing oncoming traffic.

The Dodge truck collided with the front of the Hyundai and overturned in the process, coming to rest on the east shoulder of the road.

An uninvolved vehicle transporting Ms. Cypress stopped to render aid to the crash victims. A Ford F150 approaching from the north tried to avoid collision and spun around and struck  Ms. Cypress, the pedestrian, and a guardrail before coming to final rest on the west shoulder.

The driver of the Dodge truck, Mr. Desjardine, was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital in serious condition from injuries sustained in the collision.

Mr. Furrow, the driver of the Hyundai, was rushed to Lawnwood Regional Medical and died from injuries sustained in the accident.

A passenger in the Hyundai, Robert Lewis Yale, 71, also died from critical injuries at Lawnwood Regional Medical.

The pedestrian, Ms. Cypress, was reported to have been transported to Lawnwood Regional Medical in critical condition from injuries sustained in the collision.

The investigation into the cause of the crash is being carried out by Trooper A. Lugo, FHP crash investigator, and Trooper Corporal R. Sutherland, FHP Homicide Investigator.


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