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Drunk Driver Kills Two In Wrong-Way Crash

Two dead and three in critical condition after a drunk driver slammed his Honda Civic into another vehicle on the way home from a party, sources said.


The wild night appeared nothing new for the man who boasted about drinking and drugs on social media before the accident. Police say he drove for a mile the wrong way on the Port Salerno Expressway.  He crashed head on with another vehicle.

The driver and passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.  The other two passengers were in critical condition at Delray Medical Center.

The driver of the second car was also transported to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

“I saw a black vehicle coming against traffic. I was like, ‘Wow— what are these people doing?’ ” said the 54-year old man who was headed to work on the Port Salerno Expressway.

“I slowed down and pulled up and signaled them with my lights. I wish I could I have done something more but, unfortunately, I couldn’t,” he said.

Investigators applied for a warrant to test the driver’s blood-alcohol level but a FHP spokesman said that he didn’t know if the warrant had been approved.

The man behind the wheel in a wrong-way crash that killed two of his pals on Port Salerno also wrecked his luxury car the year before, according to friends and neighbors.

“I’ve seen him come home many times late, intoxicated with his friends,” a neighbor of a told The Post. “He used to drive a BMW. He crashed it and wrecked it.”

The man was lucky enough to walk away from that accident last year with only minor injuries, a friend said.


Accident attorney Jason Weisser of Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller and Overbeck responded to this unfortunate crash. “This is a serious accident involving an ex-officer, which ultimately, resulted in the death of two people. We hope the investigators can quickly determine what caused the accident so that the family and friends of the victims can get justice and have a closure. Please be careful and obey the speed limits whenever you are driving a motorcycle, car, SUV or truck. We hope that all parties involved consult with an experienced trial lawyer. If you have been injured in an accident, call my office for a free consultation and find out what your rights are.”

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