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Two Dead In Boca Raton Crash

Two people were killed in a violent crash that took place in a Boca Raton neighborhood, a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman said.


Cameras at Family Grocery recorded the crash at Jupiter and Second Street, showing one person being brought out from a vehicle and laying on the ground motionless.

The recording shows a SUV coming across Second Street then another car blazes down Swain, runs the stop sign and tears into a corner of the SUV.

In fractions of a second, the SUV whips around and the rear driver’s side door came open. One person fell out of the SUV and landed on the road near Family Grocery.

The driver of the SUV gets out, bends over, holding himself up with his hands on his thighs. A woman in the SUV was thrown into an airbag close to the store’s security-gated front door. The security camera recording shows the roof crumpled above her head.

The store’s manager told The Palm Beach Post he had provided the video recordings to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.The recording shows a sheriff’s deputy and firefighters arriving and looking over the man the fell out of the SUV.

The manager did not witness the crash but said a close viewing of the recordings shows a second person being ejected from the SUV.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman said two people died in the crash. The crash is under investigation and a report will be released when details are available, FHP said.


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