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Daughter Struck By Subway Train While Trying To Save Mother

A mother and daughter were both struck by a subway train and are in critical condition, police said.


A 28-year-old suspect was in custody after a chaos at the city’s Midtown Station, the Florida Highway Patrol said in a statement.

“We tried to pull them out the track,” a transit rider told the Post. “The train was coming too fast, it tried to stop but it couldn’t.”

The 58-year-old mother was pushed into the path of the train, police said in an update on the case. Her daughter, 27, then “jumped on the tracks in an effort to assist her mother and was struck by a train.”

The daughter was struck by the train and underwent surgery after the crash, the transit system’s police department said. She was in critical condition, police said.

The mother was also injured and transported to the hospital, police said.

Both women were conscious and alert when taken to the hospital, police said. Florida Highway Patrol officials have not identified the women.


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