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Biker Injured In Police Car Collision

A biker was injured after his motorcycle slammed into a police car as it went through a red light in Palm Beach County, authorities said.1517596450

The marked police vehicle was headed to a crime scene and had its lights and siren on, authorities said. Witnesses said they didn’t hear the siren.

The 23-year-old cyclist had been on his black Suzuki headed south on 120th Avenue in Palm Beach County where he broadsided the 113 Precinct vehicle at the corner of Wellington Avenue, police said.

The biker was rushed to  Delray Medical Center with leg injuries but was conscious and expected to survive, police said.

Both officers suffered neck and back pain. They were taken to another hospital in Palm Beach County in stable condition.

The police vehicle had briefly stopped at the red light before the officer turned on the emergency lights and proceeded through the intersection, said a 48-year old witness.

“That’s when the cyclist came and just hit the car,” she said. “The guy had the green light, and he went through the green light and there were the cops with lights on but no sirens…He didn’t have no time to stop. There was no skid mark, nothing.”

The biker was thrown to the pavement underneath the car, but it did not appear that he was run over, according to witnesses.

“He moved his feet, and he was talking, ‘I want to get up. I want to get up,’ and we were telling him, ‘Lay down. Don’t move,” until the ambulance came,” the witness said.

The sergeant’s door was damaged and had to be pried open by rescuers, witnesses said.

The bike was totaled.


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