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Woman Injured In An Accident That Killed Her 43-Year Old Mother

After facing unspeakable tragedy at a car crash, a Broward County woman found some comfort when her lost dog, who had gone flying through the window, reappeared alive and well.


The 21-year old, lost her mother, during the accident along a mountain road west of Coconut Creek, when their Jeep plunged 600 feet down the side of an embankment, FHP reported.

“We were just driving along having a conversation and the next thing we knew we were going over the edge,” the 21-year old told The Post.

The woman was severely injured and transported to a nearby hospital.  Her mother was pronounced dead at the scene. Their 1-year-old pup, had been in the vehicle at the time, but couldn’t be found after the crash.

The 21-year old returned to the area after being released from the hospital to look for the dog. While unsure whether or not he’d survived the wreck, she held out hope and strangers stepped up to search for the missing dog.

Flyers were distributed, and a Facebook group, was created to share any information on the dog, as well as offer tips on how to track down the traumatized animal.

Nineteen days after being lost, the dog was finally spotted alive near the crash site.

It took some patience and a lot of coaxing to get the scared dog to approach his owner, but after convincing him to come into her arms, the two were finally reunited.


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