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SUV Flips on Highway In Two-Vehicle Crash Injuring Four

Florida Highway Patrol officials reported that a SUV flipped after being sideswiped by a Toyota on Interstate 95.


The victim was in a serious car crash in Broward County. A 30-second video recorded by witnesses shows a dented-up black SUV with shattered windows after the accident.

Inside the SUV was a 32-year old who was a passenger and three others. The video clip shows the 50-year-old man talking on a phone while being loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher.

The 50-year old had been in Broward County earlier that evening to appear at a Funny or Die event, per reports made by Florida Highway Patrol Officials.

No one in the vehicle appears to have suffered life-threatening injuries. The 50-year old victim would soon be released from the hospital, his rep tells Florida Highway Patrol. It’s not clear if anyone was injured in the Toyota that hit the SUV.

Although The Post reported on open beer bottles being spotted on the road at the scene of the crash, police say neither alcohol nor drugs played any part in the crash, and no arrests have been made, though they’re still looking into the accident.


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