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43-Year Old Mom Suffers Neck Injury In Crash

A mother of four was driving on the Fort Pierce Road with three of her four children when she was struck by an oncoming trailer. The impact of the crash caused her car to roll twice.


First emergency responders arrived promptly to the scene of the accident. The children had cuts and bruises, the 43-year old mother’s neck was broken and dislocated, EMS noted.

The tractor trailer driver had minor injuries, but was also rushed to a hospital for immediate medical attention.

Her partner was traveling in another car with their eldest son as the family traveled back to St. Lucie County. They had just spent a few days in the hospital with their youngest daughter battling an infection.

“The 43-year old had just wanted to get home, have a shower and put her feet up,” her partner said. “I panicked a bit when she didn’t arrive at the intersection we’d agreed to meet at. “When I then got a phone call from an anonymous number, my heart dropped.”

She was flown to a hospital and went straight into surgery.

Her C6 and C7 vertebrae, sections of the neck where nerves control limb movement, were fractured. “At the moment she can move limbs from the shoulder up,” the doctor said. “But she’s a fighter. Her brain is still sharp and she’s breathing on her own.”

Police are still appealing for witnesses in relation to the vehicle traffic crash at that left the 43-year old paralyzed.


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