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Young Chef Jailed After Fatal Crash

A young driver who killed a woman and seriously injured her teenage son in a crash at Hillsboro beach was jailed in Broward County District Court.


The 20-year old, an apprentice chef, told the court room he was sorry when he pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death while affected by drugs.

He will serve 15 months of a five year jail term and had his license revoked.

It was revealed in court that the 20-year old was convicted of a separate drink driving offence.

Tears flowed from both sides of the room as the court heard details of the night a 40-year old mother died when the 20-year old, who was under the influence of marijuana, drove on to the wrong side of the Hillsboro Beach.

The woman was driving north on the Hillsboro Beach Highway with her 14-year-old son, 16-year-old daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend in a Toyota Corolla.

The 20-year old was heading south when he crossed over to the wrong side of the highway near the Pembroke Pines Road, failing to take a bend in the road.

He crashed into the front of the Corolla, killing the 40-year old mom.

Her 14-year old son, who was trapped in the front seat, was cut free and airlifted to Delray Medical Center where his spleen was removed and he was treated for bleeding on the brain and a broken jaw. He spent 10 days in hospital. The other passengers, who were both taken to the Broward County Hospital, suffered broken sternums, concussions and one had fractured ribs.

With only minor injuries, the court heard the 20-year old got out of his car and walked to the other car, where he was heard to say he was sorry and that he had fallen asleep.

His lawyer, said in that moment the 20-year old was unaware someone had been killed.

Soon after, the 20-year old removed four grams of marijuana and drug related items from his car and hid them under a nearby fence, the court heard. These were later found by police.


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