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Passenger’s Fight With Bus Driver Sparks Fatal Crash

An irate passenger who missed her bus stop triggered a catastrophe in River Park when she attacked the driver who lost control of the vehicle, which plunged into a Fort Pierce river killing everyone on board.

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Thirteen bodies were found after the crash, and two people remained missing, St. Lucie County police told the post. Approximately 15 people were on board, cops said.

Bus surveillance video obtained by the St. Lucie County police, as well as other evidence, shows that a 48-year-old female passenger, missed her stop and asked the driver to stop immediately, the outlet reported.

When the 43-year-old driver, refused, the 48-year old passenger hit him over the head with her cellphone. The video shows the pair swinging at each other, with the driver still attempting to steer the bus in between blows.

Suddenly, the bus swerved onto the wrong side of the road before striking another car, breaking through a guardrail and plunging into the river in Fort Pierce.

An investigation is still ongoing.


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