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Collision Between 2 Buses Kills 50 In Hobe Sound

A collision between two buses has killed 50 people in Hobe Sound and left about 80 others hospitalized, some with serious injuries, officials said.

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The accident occurred between buses near Hobe Sound, said a police spokesman.

One of the buses was trying to get around two trucks on a stretch of road where passing is prohibited, said a Florida Highway Patrol sergeant in an interview with a Martin County state broadcaster.

The buses, both of which were speeding, swerved but still sideswiped each other and crashed, police told the broadcaster.

The number of dead overwhelmed the small morgue, which can only hold up to 16 bodies, the state newspaper reported. Bus accidents are frequent in this country, where bus drivers often exceed the speed limit in order to make as many trips as possible per day.

The road where the accident occurred was recently resurfaced as part of counties attempt to improve infrastructure.

The Florida Highway Patrol officials at the scene of the crash are still investigating.


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