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Intoxicated Driver Hits Five Pedestrians In St. Lucie County

A driver fatally struck five pedestrians, including three Girl Scouts, along a St. Lucie Village Highway.


The 21-year old of Fort Pierce told authorities that he and his roommate had been “huffing” computer keyboard cleaner to get high prior to the crash in St. Lucie County, according to the complaint obtained by the Post.

The 21-year old said he took two short huffs from a can of Dustoff, while his roommate took several more puffs. The 21-year old claimed he lost control of the vehicle and fishtailed after his roommate grabbed the steering wheel from him, according to the complaint.

His roommate told police he took the steering to correct the 21-year old’s driving. That prompted the driver to yell at him and violently grab the wheel back, causing the truck to swerve wildly into the ditch and hit the victims, according to the complaint.

His roommate stated, the next thing he recalled is waking up down the road, according to the criminal complaint.

A 10-year-old girl remains hospitalized at Delray Medical Center in Palm Beach County, the post reports.


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