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Driver Killed When Concrete Tossed Off Bridge

Police in Port St. Lucie in St. Lucie County are on the hunt for a person who tossed a large chunk of concrete off the side of a bridge and into a local driver’s windshield causing a fatal two-car crash.


A 54-year old man, was traveling to work in his Nissan GT-R sports car in White City near Lakewood Park when the incident occurred, according to officials.

“The concrete chunk traveled through the windshield of the 54-year old man and hit him in the face, the St. Lucie County Police Department said in a statement. “At this point in the investigation, it appears likely that the chunk of concrete was thrown off the bridge.”

The 54-year old was unable to control his car and crashed into another vehicle on the road.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Nissan sideswiped a Toyota pickup truck and a guardrail before coming to final rest, police said. Investigators are reviewing available surveillance cameras in the area, but do not yet have any description of a person(s) who may have thrown the concrete chunk from the bridge.

The driver and three other passengers in the Toyota pickup were taken to a hospital in Port. St. Lucie, according to FHP

Officials have asked anyone with knowledge about the incident to contact the police department.


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