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Driver Who Hit Kids: I Didn’t Know It Was a School Bus

The 24-year-old driver who struck and killed three young siblings crossing a rural Indian River County road told police that she saw flashing lights but didn’t realize they were from a stopped school bus until it was too late, reports the post.

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The crash occurred before sunrise, and the 24-year old driver said she saw the lights in the distance as she approached but didn’t see that a bus had stopped on the two-lane highway until the three children were in front of her pickup. The speed limit on the road is 55mph, though police have not said how fast she was going.

The 24-year old had three children in the backseat of her truck when the fatality occurred. She faces reckless homicide and other charges.

In another development, the school district in which the crash occurred is moving the bus stop, reports the Florida Highway Patrol. Even before the accident, parents had complained about how dangerous it was to have kids cross a busy state road. “It took three lives lost to get them to do make the change after complaining for three years,” says the uncle of the three who were killed.


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