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Passengers Carjack Driver, Joyride Ends In Fiery Fatal Crash

Two passengers allegedly stole a vehicle in Broward County and took it for a fatal joyride driving at 112 mph at one point before crashing, police said.

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The carjackers, described as two adult males, both died from their injuries, according to Broward County Police.

They had gotten picked up by a 46-year-old driver from the area and drove around for a few minutes before stealing his car.

One of the males in the back seat reached up over the seat and grabbed the steering wheel causing the vehicle to nearly veer off the road.

The driver pulled over and the two men allegedly threatened his life. He managed to get out of the car and called 911. The carjackers, meanwhile, took off speeding past a local sheriff’s deputy in the process, according to police.

The deputy clocked the vehicle traveling 112 mph as it drove past him, cops said. As the deputy tried to catch up to the speeding vehicle, he approached a curve in the road, and saw the vehicle’s wreckage.

The two men allegedly ran off the road and crashed into a truck. One was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. The other died at the hospital, while the truck driver sustained a head injuries. An investigation is ongoing.


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