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Woman Survives Internal Decapitation From Car Crash

It looked as if she had been sent to the guillotine. That was the assessment of Broward County doctor after a mother of two was internally decapitated during a car crash in Coconut Creek just outside her home.

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The car in which the 26-year old woman was driving, was struck from behind by a speeding drunk driver along Lighthouse paint highway.

The victim’s car landed in a nearby ditch. Her husband raced over to the scene quickly securing his wife’s head as the other driver in the two-car wreck held a phone to the frantic husband’s ear so he could speak to police dispatchers.

A trauma and acute care surgeon at Hillsboro Beach Hospital in Broward County, said the man’s quick thinking likely saved his wife’s life.

“Just her getting here is nothing short of a miracle,” the surgeon told the station. “Most people don’t even make it from the scene of the crash with this sort of injury.”

Internal decapitation which results from extreme trauma to ligaments, muscles and joints connecting the skull to the spine, leading to the dislocation of the head from the spinal cord is often fatal, and those who survive can have significant neurological impairments.

Florida Highway Patrol said the drunk driver is currently in police custody.


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