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28-Year Old Suffers Traumatic Brain Injury In Bike Crash

A 28-year old was taken to the hospital with serious head trauma when she collided with a truck. When she woke up in the hospital, she couldn’t figure out why the doctors and nurses weren’t speaking English except, as the post explains, they were. The 28-year old, however, couldn’t understand them.


The crash happened when she tried to cross the Interstate 95 highway with her bicycle, and didn’t notice the truck, she was sideswiped by the truck driver, identified as a 55-year old Martin County man. Police authorities didn’t disclose if charges would be filed.

The crash had essentially knocked the English out of her brain. She grew up speaking German in her home but used English in her everyday life as an adult.

When she regained consciousness, she hadn’t realized that the jolt to her brain caused what a neurosurgeon describes as secondary language loss. “I felt as though I’d woken up in a foreign country and I couldn’t understand why people weren’t speaking to me in a way that I could understand,” she says.

The issue became magnified when she was released from the hospital and discovered that she could no longer communicate with her boyfriend of eight years except through hand signals. After three years, her English is slowly coming back in written form more so than the spoken form and she and her partner often communicate through notes. “I’m fine in the mornings, but by the afternoon the fatigue really kicks in and I switch in my mind to thinking in German,” she says.


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