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4-Month-Old Girl Dies After Father Crashes During Car Chase With Martin County Police

A 4-month-old girl died two days after her father crashed into a garbage truck during a chase with Martin County police, who suspected the man of shoplifting food and beer.

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The 4-months old daughter of a 31-year old Martin County man, died at a nearby hospital, according to police and the Martin County Medical Examiner. The 31-year old also died in the crash.

The man’s 48-year-old mother was treated and released at the hospital. Her name is not being released because criminal charges are pending against her, police said.

Martin County police said they believe the officer followed police policy during the two-minute chase that topped out at about 60 miles per hour and ended with the car bursting into flames.

The incident began when the 31-year old and his mother separately went into a shop. The 31-year old loaded up his cart, left some items and walked out with steak, lobster tails and beer without paying, police said.

An officer pulled up behind the car, a Chevy Malibu, at the intersection of Hobe Sound. The 31-year old man sped up, turned on several side streets and returned to Stuart Avenue. He turned right on Palm City, skidded and slammed into the garbage truck, according to police dashboard camera video.

The driver’s side door slammed into the truck at the end of the two-mile chase. Officers ran to the car, which quickly burst into flames because of a gas leak.

Several officers used handheld fire extinguishers to quell the blaze and realized the 31-year old was dead. They also spotted the 48-year-old woman in the front passenger seat and the 4-month-old in a car seat.

Officers pulled the woman from a car. It took police and firefighters some time to pull the baby out of the car, police said.


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