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Only One Survivor In Fiery Crash That Killed 5 People In St. Lucie County

FORT PIERCE, Fla. – For the first time, we are hearing the harrowing details after a good Samaritan jumped into action and risked his own life to pull a young girl from a burning truck in Fort Pierce.


The girl was the only survivor of the crash that happened in Fort Pierce. Sadly, five people were killed.

“It’s definitely a blessing, she’s really lucky for sure,” said the 23-year old good Samaritan, who spoke exclusively with WPTV.

Ari’yonnia Stanberry, 14, is fortunate to be alive. On the night of the crash, the 23-year old good Samaritan and his girlfriend were leaving the Cumberland Farms gas station on their way home from dinner. Moments later, they heard the impact of the horrific crash across the street and raced over to help after seeing the truck burst into flames.

“I went to the driver’s side and I tried kicking in the window, but that wasn’t working too well. I went to the back of my truck got the hammer and I started beating the windows out all the way around it,” the 23-year old good Samaritan said.

The 23-year old was fighting against the flames and time at Midway Road and S. 25th Street.

“I busted out last passenger-side window and that’s when the girl lunged out, you know what I mean, kind of like hung out and we just pulled her out,” he said.

Stanberry was rushed to the hospital, but the five others inside the truck did not survive. A Christmas tree and wreath with all five names were added over the weekend to a growing memorial.

“The investigation will take time. We want to make sure we follow all the leads and collect all the evidence,” said a Florida Highway Patrol sergeant.

“Just to watch them you know, somebody you know you can’t help and you can’t do nothing about it, it’s bad,” the 23-year old said.

FHP also said the 21-year-old driver who crashed into the pickup truck is out of the hospital. Charges are pending until the investigation is complete.


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