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Man Struck On Boca Raton After Saving Man, Hailed As A Hero

FHP authorities said a 48-year old man was struck in the right lane of northbound Boca Raton just north of Interstate 95, about 10 miles north of the Martin-Palm Beach County line.


According to a preliminary report, a 43-year old, of Wellington, was driving his 2012 Chevrolet north on the inside lane and Jenna M. Baxter, 24, of Delray Beach was in the Audi just ahead of the 43-year old. Baxter slowed and the 43-year old driver’s car struck hers, causing it to spin clockwise and strike the 48-year old man. Dramatic video of the impact, captured by WPEC-TV Channel 12, drew national attention.

A FHP spokesman said, no citations or criminal charges have been filed and the investigation is ongoing.

Another 66-year old man, who runs a pressure-cleaning business, said he had been moving his business and his residence a little at a time from Broward to St. Lucie County, where his son lives. He was northbound on the expressway when he was rear-ended. He said the impact destroyed his trailer and sent its contents spilling.

Few hours later, he still was on the side of the highway, waiting for the investigation to wrap up, when the Audi spun toward him. He said he never saw the car coming at him, “it happened so quick.” He said he felt pain in his leg as the 48-year old man pushed him out of the path of the vehicle.


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