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Trooper Hit By Car On I-95 In Martin County Shares Survival Story, Expresses Thanks

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper, hit by a car on I-95 in Martin County, shared his survival story at a news conference and expressed thanks to the men and women who helped him recover.

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Investigators said, Trooper Mithil Patel was investigating a crash near Exit 96, Bridge Road in Hobe Sound when a van rear-ended another car, causing it to spin and slam into Trooper Patel, according to FHP.

He was taken to Saint Mary’s Medical Center in serious condition but was released from the hospital later on

At a news conference, Trooper Patel thanked everyone from his family, friends, law enforcement officers, and doctors who showed him support and helped save his life.

“Thank you everybody, thank you, thank you God,” said Trooper Patel, who was lighthearted and cracked several jokes throughout his speech.

According to the FHP, trooper Patel was driving through Hobe sound, when an out-of-control truck ran into him. His car was totaled, and Patel sustain non-life threatening injuries.

The truck who had stop to check up on Patel is yet to be charged by FHP.

“I did not land perfect, unfortunately. I didn’t get a 10, I got a zero on that one,” Trooper Patel jokingly said about getting hit. “I gotta practice more at home I guess.”

Earlier in the news conference, a driver who Trooper Patel saved by pushing him out of the way of that spinning car thanked the Trooper for his bravery and courage.

“God bless you,” said the 33-year old driver, who hugged Trooper Patel in a very emotional moment. “We are not friends, we’re family.”

The daughter of the 33-year old driver also thanked Trooper Patel for saving her father’s life.

“It means so much to myself and my family, and I’m forever and ever grateful for you,” the 33-year old driver daughter said.

FHP said Trooper Patel suffered a concussion, as well as bruising and lacerations, but did not break any bones.


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