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FL Mom Accused Of DUI, Child Abuse, And Manslaughter, In A Crash That Killed Two People

A tow truck driver said his conscience drove him to do the right thing. A 33-year old tow truck driver said he saw a woman he suspected of driving drunk with a child in the back seat, so he followed and said maybe he saved a life or two.

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The 33-year old said this is not the first time he’s jumped into action by following drivers and calling the police, but he said this case will stick with him.

“Feels great,” he said. “But I would hope that anyone with a conscience would do exactly what I did.”

The 33-year old owns Pop’s Towing Company and was driving his tow truck turning onto Belvedere Roa, when he suddenly noticed the woman in a car next to his truck.

“She decided to pull up next to me at this stop sign and flipped me off,” said the 33-year old. “And decided she was going to pull out of traffic on Haverhill.”

He said it was obvious to him the driver was under the influence with a child in the back seat.

“I managed to see the bottom half of the baby’s feet or whatever when she pulled out and that’s when I proceeded to chase her down,” he said. “I couldn’t sit around and not do nothing.”

So he followed the driver as he was on the phone with 911. The 33-year old said the woman hit a pedestrian and several others cars.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies caught up with the woman near Haverhill Road and Southern Boulevard.

PBSO said the woman had a 3-year-old in the car and was so drunk that she couldn’t stand when they gave her a sobriety test.

The pedestrian she had hit is currently at the Medical Center in Delray Beach. One of the cars in which she had hit, was said to have overturned, killed a 12 year old and the driver, who FHP did not identified

She now faces DUI, child abuse charges and manslaughter.


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