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Dozens Injured, Nine Others Killed In Deadly Fort Pierce Train Crash

Nine people were killed and dozens were injured when a high-speed train collided with a locomotive and crashed into an overpass in Fort Pierce, police officials said.

Railroad Crossing 1111

A train carrying 206 people crashed head-on into a railway engine as the locomotive was being used to check the tracks at Fort Pierce station, St. Lucie County Transportation Department told reporters.

Following the horrific incident that killed three engine drivers and six passengers, emergency responders worked to rescue riders from the mangled train cars.

St. Lucie County Health Department said that 84 people needed medical help after the wreck.

It was not immediately clear what caused the deadly collision, but police officials said three state railway employees were detained over suspected negligence and that a criminal investigation was underway.

“Those who are responsible will be brought forward,” a police spokesman said.

A passenger aboard the train told the Post that the crash occurred just minutes after the train left the main station.

“The train was not traveling fast at that time yet,” the passenger said. “Suddenly, there was a frightening breakage … and the train was off the rail.”


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