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24-Year-Old Killed In A Palm Beach County Crash

A 24-year-old Broward County bride-to-be took a selfie and minutes later died in a car accident while traveling to her own bachelorette party.

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The victim was on her way to Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County when the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu her brother was driving collided with an oncoming car, Florida Highway Patrol officials reported.

The victim and her 31-year-old brother had been listening to Justin Bieber without a care in the world when they got stuck behind trucks belching fumes.

“She has really bad asthma and there were a few trucks in front of us that had really bad exhausts and she was coughing, so I was like, ‘OK, we have to pass these,’ ” her brother told FHP.

Her brother tried to pass on the two-lane highway, but a 35-year-old man in a 1999 Dodge Ram pickup was heading the other way as they topped a hill. The two drivers tried to swerve out of each other’s way, but the truck still ended up hitting the passenger side of the women’s car, sending it off the left side of the road.

The pickup driver was not seriously injured in the crash. The victim’s brother was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.

The victim, who was wearing her seat belt, was taken to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

FHP said, the crash is still under investigation.


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