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Dennis Calvary Junior Confirmed Dead In Florida Turnpike Crash

A Riviera Beach man was killed when his car crashed into a truck that was stopped along the Florida’s Turnpike for a previous accident.

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Dennis Calvary Junior, 24, was dead at the scene. The accident had occurred on the northbound side of the turnpike at mile marker 54, which is near the road’s intersection with Interstate 595, the Florida Highway Patrol officials reported via the post.

Calvary Junior, in a Honda Accord, was heading down the center lane and then veered into the outside lane where the unoccupied truck was stopped and crashed, according to a report from the Florida Highway Patrol. The truck was stopped there because two lanes were closed due to a previous accident, the Florida Highway Patrol report says.

Junior was wearing a seat belt at the time of the car crash.

“Please contact the Florida Highway Patrol officials or the nearest police station nearest to you, if you have any relevant information relating to the crash”, a Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant said.


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