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Driver Arrested And Charged For Crash That Injured Five People

A 26-year-old was struck by a drunk driver after he had fallen ill in his cab and was waiting beside the road, police confirmed.

Palm Beach highway 119

The 26-year-old was one of four people injured in the crash on Interstate 95 in Palm Beach County, The Post reports.

Florida Highway Patrol officials said, the 26-year-old was using a ride-sharing service when he became ill and his driver pulled to the side of the road on I-95.

Suddenly, a Ford pick-up truck veered onto the hard-shoulder, striking the taxi cab, the 26-year-old and his driver were in.

Police said in a statement that one of the people struck was thrown into the center lane of I-95.

Shortly after the crash and before any 911 calls were received, another man was driving through the area and noticed a vehicle in front of him make an evasive maneuver to the left.

The 30-year-old driver of the pick-up truck attempted to flee on foot, but was caught by police.

A police sergeant said, “it is believed the driver was intoxicated and was driving without a license.He was transported to the Palm Beach County Jail. The result of the test for intoxication is pending.”


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