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Drunk Fort Lauderdale Man Arrested For Triggering Car Wreck That Sent Five Kids To The Hospital

A 45-year-old man from Fort Lauderdale was arrested for his alleged role in a crash that sent five children to the hospital, Boynton Beach police said.

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A 45-year-old man ran a stop sign at the intersection of Southeast Fourth Avenue and South Seacrest Boulevard in a red 2010 Honda Civic, hit a GMC Arcadia SUV and then struck a concrete wall, according to a Boynton Beach police arrest report.

The SUV, which was driven by a 29-year-old man, flipped over before finally landing upright. The driver was not injured, but two children in the SUV were taken to the hospital.

The passenger of the Civic, 64-year-old Michael Raymond, was airlifted to the Delray Medical Center, police say.

Raymond’s five children, who were also in the Civic, were treated for injuries at Delray Medical Center.

According to police, a man told them that before the crash, the 45-year old man had been at his house for about an hour and drank five or six beers, according to an arrest report. The man believed the 45-year-old drank more than he should’ve and thought he was too impaired to be driving.

After the crash, police said they met with him at Bethesda Hospital East, according to the arrest report. As police were talking to him, they could smell the alcohol on his breath. His speech was slurred and his eyes were glassy.


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