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9 Left Critical After 5-Vehicle Pileup In Riviera Beach

Five vehicles got tangled up in a series of chain-reaction pileups along a foggy stretch of Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County, injuring at least 9 people, state police said.

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A multi-vehicle pileup in Riviera Beach injured at least 9 people, FHP said.

The pileups in Riviera Beach, near Hypoluxo, involved several cars, a school bus and a tractor-trailer, an FHP spokesman said. He said some of the injuries were serious.

Emergency personnel climbed on top of cars to reach motorists stuck in the middle of the jumble of vehicles. The FHP spokesman said, one veteran trooper described the site as a “giant pile of metal.”

Florida Highway Patrol said the crash was the biggest in Palm Beach County.

Both northbound lanes on a 30-mile stretch of highway were closed and drivers were told to take other exits to avoid the area.

Two hospitals reported taking in 9 patients, some in serious condition. One person at the scene of the crash had a heart attack and some people suffered broken bones, police said. Two students and two adults on the bus were shaken up but not injured.

Police said the main crash involved 5 vehicles, and there was a series of other wrecks leading up to the crash site. Some of the crashes involved two or three vehicles, and then other vehicles went off the road to avoid hitting them.


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