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Florida’s Turnpike Stalled After Crash Lands Tanker Truck In Canal

The southbound lanes of Florida’s Turnpike remained at a crawl through much of Broward County — several hours after a fuel-carrying tanker truck crashed through a guardrail and landed in a roadside canal.

The crash happened north of the exit to Hollywood Boulevard and created significant southbound delays as at least two right lanes remained blocked into the afternoon.

The chain of events that sent the truck into the water happened when Mercedes-Benz driver a 53-year old man, of Parkland, was hit from behind, according to his brother who went to the crash scene to make sure his brother wasn’t hurt.

The 53-year old driver’s brother said he was on the phone with the 52-year old man when his brother was rear-ended and the car started spinning.

The 53-year old declined hospital treatment and went home, Brice said.

Rescue crews were on the scene in order to assist the truck driver. He was taken to a hospital but not believed to be seriously hurt.

Another tanker truck was called to the crash scene to transfer fuel from the trailer that the half-submerged tanker was hauling.

Southbound traffic was backed up from the crash scene to beyond the highway’s intersection with Interstate 595 for more than five hours. The southbound entrance ramp from Griffin Road was closed to traffic, as well.

For alternate routes, drivers can use State Road 7 or Interstate 95 to the east of Florida’s Turnpike or University Drive to the west.


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