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Car Crash In Northwest 31st Avenue Leaves Woman, Child And Two Other People Critical

A woman and her child were hospitalized after her Toyota Sander crashed into a Mitsubishi in Fort Pierce, FHP officials said. The Toyota Sander driver, described as an elderly woman, may have had a medical issue before the crash, a Fort Pierce Police Detective said.

A school bus driver saw the crash and pulled the child from the wreck, a Fort Pierce Fire Rescue Battalion Chief said. The crash, involving a gray Toyota sedan, happened in front of a home in the 2400 block of Northwest 31st Avenue. Firefighters used power tools to free the woman from the damaged car.

A man in a nearby apartment complex watched the rescue. “The kid was first,” said FHP. “The woman couldn’t get out. They had to cut her out.”

The child’s injuries were minor. The driver’s injuries were more serious, but not critical. Both were taken to a Medical Center in Fort Pierce, Florida Highway Patrol said.

Two other people in the Mitsubishi were also critically injured and rushed to a nearby hospital by paramedics according to the Florida Highway Patrol Department.

Northwest 24th Street was closed to traffic while police and firefighters investigated the crash.


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