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Tour Bus Crash In Delray Beach Critically Injured Six People

A Palm Beach County crew tour bus crashed in Delray Beach Variety has been confirmed.

Three members of the 15-person production team on board were hospitalized in Delray Medical Center for minor injuries and released shortly thereafter.

The monitor engineer, production manager, and the audio technician were the individuals injured, Florida Highway Patrol Officials reports.

According to the local station, the bus was traveling south toward Delray Beach when the driver started falling asleep. The vehicle drifted into the northbound lane and then veered off the road, hitting a Chevrolet, which prevented it from plunging into a nearby creek.

According to Florida Highway Patrol Officials, investigations are still ongoing to determine if the bus driver was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. No charges has been filed yet. Florida Highway Patrol officials have also refused to release the identities of those injured in the accident.

The driver and one other passenger in the Chevrolet have been listed in critical condition in a hospital in Riviera Beach according to Florida Highway Patrol officials.

Anyone with relevant information concerning the crash is asked to contact the Palm Beach Sheriff Office or the Florida Highway Patrol.


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