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Eight Injured, Two Dead After Horrific Car Crash Incident In Palm Beach County, FHP

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was sleeping when his 21-year-old son called and asked him to pick him up at his school bus stop.

Seconds later, she started screaming into the phone, “Dad, help me, help me!” The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy told reporters that he assumed the worst as he jumped out of bed and ran barefoot to the bus stop.

He found his son safe but immediately saw the carnage left when a suspected drunken driver hit four of his fellow students as they were walking home from the stop.

Officials said a 20-year old boy and another 17-year old died from their injuries, the Post reports. Another child, an 11-year old, remains in intensive care with orbital fractures. Six other children suffered minor injuries.

A witness at the scene pointed out the car that had allegedly just crashed into the children, who were not in the road when they were hit. FHP said the vehicle had hit another car about 4,000 feet down the road.

The driver then stumbled out of the vehicle.

A woman who was pregnant was also injured in the crash, according to authorities. FHP arrested the driver and kept him in custody while awaiting trial.

A Palm Beach County Sheriff said the driver initially refused to take a breath test after his arrest, but after being advised that two of the children he hit were in critical condition, he agreed to take a breath test and a blood draw.

Seven hours after the crash, he still read a .14, nearly twice Florida legal limit, FHP said. He faces multiple charges.


Attorney Jason Weisser of Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller and Overbeck responded about the crash.  “A Hit-and-run is one of the worst type of accidents. When that person that fled the scene is caught you have rights that are different then in a regular car crash.  Make sure you speak to a licensed professional about your rights”.

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