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Van Driver Crashes Vehicle Into Honda, Leaving Two People Critical

According to the arrest report from crash events, a 52-year old man’s evening began to go south when a resident of Granada Road spotted a man rummaging through a neighbor’s Toyota Rav4 and then leaving in a white van.

The resident called police with a description of the man and the vehicle, and in short order, an officer spotted the van headed north on Dixie Highway headed for the intersection of Okeechobee.

The officer reported the van was going about 35 mph until the officer turned on the cruiser’s lights and siren, at which point the van sped up, running two red lights and heading north into a stretch of Dixie that is one-way going south. The van narrowly missed a Florida Highway Patrol cruiser eastbound but then slammed into an oncoming silver Honda.

Authorities say the Honda’s driver and his passenger, were both taken to the hospital.

Rescue crews had to pry the van’s driver, later identified as a 31-year old, out of that vehicle. The van had been reported stolen in Riviera Beach that day, according to the arrest report.

The 31-year old driver was taken to St. Mary’s Medical Center, but a West Palm Beach Police sergeant said the 31-year old has been since moved to the jail.


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