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Woman Left With Severe Leg Injury After Being Hit By A Kia Rio

Esther Clinton Green of Riviera Beach, remained at the Delray medical Hospital in Palm Beach County, just days after the wreck in Delray Beach, according to a Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant.

Esther’s relative, who was in a Kia sedan, was involved in a wreck on the interstate. He said Esther got out of her car to check on the relative. A 1998 Honda Civic driven by a 47-year old woman, of Martin County, was traveling south on I-95 at the time, according to a news release from the FHP.

Officials said downpours in the area prevented the 47-year old from seeing the Kia initially.

“He did not see it until the last second,” an FHP official said.

FHP officials said the 47-year old had swerved to avoid the car, but instead sideswiped it and hit Esther in the process. The car rotated counter-clockwise before stopping.

Authorities said Esther landed behind the Kia after she was struck, suffering a severed leg. The FHP and the Martin County Sheriff’s Office provided tourniquets to help stabilize Esther’s leg, according to the release.

The 47-year old remained on the scene. FHP said charges in the crash are still pending.


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