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Driver Charged For Vehicle Crash That Injured Four People

The FHP said a 14-year-old was one of the passengers in a Honda Odyssey when a 37-year-old driver rear-ended the vehicle, causing it to burst into flames.

“I do think about it every day,” he told the Post.

He was rescued from the burning car. He was taken to the hospital and released one day later.

Three other people were injured after the car crash according to FHP officials.

Florida Highway Patrol said they have arrested the 32-year old driver for five counts of attempted DUI Manslaughter and five counts of Vehicular Homicide.

A judge set his bond at $3.5 million dollars. According to a new charging affidavit released, his blood alcohol content less than an hour after the crash was .274 g/100ml, and bottles of Bacardi Superior Rum and Crown Royal Regal  Apple whisky were found in his car.

The 32-year old went before a judge, where he remained mostly silent, except to answer “Yes sir” to several of the judge’s questions.

A judge said that if the driver posts his bond, he’ll be on house arrest and will be fitted with a GPS monitoring device. He can only leave his house under specific conditions, like medical and legal purposes.


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