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Two-month Old Male Toddler Struck And Injured While In Stroller

A young Martin County mom pushing her 2-month old boy along a windswept sidewalk stopped the stroller to adjust its cover and at that moment an SUV driver reversed out of a lot and fatally crushed the child, Florida Highway Patrol officials and witnesses said.

The horrific accident happened as a little girl and her mom were headed along Port Salerno.

The driver was identified as a 51-year old man who had been collecting scrap metal outside an apartment building.

A worker at a nearby gas station said he saw the SUV was pulling back fast, and that the lady was pushing the stroller when the SUV hit the baby. He kept going back. He didn’t see.

“The baby was under the SUV. The man was pulling back and hit the baby. The baby was on the floor and he pushed the van back one more time,” a Florida Highway Patrol official said.

After the driver realized what happened, he stopped and ran out to help. The baby was rushed to a hospital in Martin County where he is listed in critical condition.

The driver was charged with unlicensed driving, FHP reported.


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