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Four People Have Been Hospitalized After BMW Driver Caused Crash

A 23-year-old boy was injured when an SUV that was being pursued by cops smashed into him in St. Lucie County, Florida Highway Patrol said.

Cops spotted the BMW X5 with a license plate that was matched the description of a suspect from an earlier robbery incident in Broward County and pursued the vehicle.

The cops were driving in an unmarked car and deployed their flashing lights and sirens in an attempt to pull over the BMW, said an FHP spokesman.

But the suspect simply sped from the scene after ramming the unmarked police car on his way out, the spokesman said.

That’s when the BMW ran a red light and slammed into a 2006 Saturn traveling eastbound in St. Lucie County.

The BMW was on its side when FHP discovered the injured boy.

“That’s when we noticed the boy,” an FHP spokesman said. “He was on his stomach.”

The suspect was identified as a 29-year-old convicted criminal, and he was taken to the hospital, police authorities said.

Three other people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries, an FHP spokesman said.


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