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Fatal Crash Closes All Lanes Of I-95 Southbound In Boca Raton

BOCA RATON, Fla. — A 63-year-old Miami man is dead following a multi-car crash on I-95 near Glades Road, FHP report states.

The fatal crash has all lanes of I-95 southbound closed at the Glades Road exit in Boca Raton.

Traffic is being diverted off at the Glades Rd. exit.

Giving a more detailed report, FHP reported that three vehicles were involved and a man was confirmed dead at the scene.

Vehicle 1: a sedan — driven by a 37-year-old female from Boynton Beach.

Passenger 1: a female, age 24, of Boynton Beach.

Passenger 2: a male, age unknown, of Boynton Beach.

Vehicle 2: a tractor trailer driven by a 40-year-old male from Coral Srpings.

Passenger 1 in the tractor trailer: a male, age 63, from Miami. He is dead.

Passenger 2 in the tractor trailer: a male, age 26, of Fort Lauderdale.

Vehicle 3: A van, driven by a 63-year-old male from West Palm Beach.

Using that information, here is the advisory issued by FHP:

Vehicle 01, Vehicle 02, and Vehicle 03 were traveling southbound on Interstate 95 (State Road 9) north of State Road 808 (Glades Road). Vehicle 01 was traveling in the outside center (lane 3). Vehicle 02 and 03 were traveling in the inside center (lane 2)The driver of Vehicle 01 attempted to change into Vehicle 02’s lane, causing Vehicle 02’s front right side to collide with Vehicle 01’s rear left side. The impact caused Vehicle 02 to be redirected in a southeasterly direction, causing Vehicle 02’s left side to sideswiped Vehicle 03’s right side. After impact with Vehicle 03, Vehicle 02 continued in the same direction towards a concrete barrier. Vehicle 02’s front left portion collided with the concrete barrier, causing one of its passengers to be ejected. The passenger from Vehicle 02 succumbed to the injuries suffered by the ejection and was pronounced deceased on the scene.

This case is pending investigation.


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