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Driver to stand in trial after fatal Riviera Beach accident

The driver who was involved in a Riviera Beach three-vehicle accident in 2013 that killed five people began his trial, WPBF reported on June 22.

According to reports, 21-year-old Jabari Kemp is facing counts of homicide using a vehicle charges in connection to the accident in April 2013 on Blue Heron Boulevard that left three teens and two adults dead. Florida Highway Patrol officials revealed Kemp, who ran a stop light, was driving with excessive speed when crashed into two vehicles. The same day of the fatal crash, Kemp’s vehicle was stopped and he was issued a citation for speeding. A maximum of 75 years of imprisonment awaits Kemp if convicted of the charges.

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What constitutes reckless driving?

Reckless driving includes any action that endangers other drivers on the road. These types of road behaviors put the driver of the vehicle, as well as the other drivers on the road, at risk of serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. Speeding, tailgating, and drunk driving are all examples of reckless driving. When a driver chooses to behave in a reckless manner, he or she may become responsible for the financial compensation for the accidents and injuries that result from his or her behavior.

Each driver on the road is legally obligated to follow posted speed limits and road signs in order to uphold public safety. When reckless drivers fail to follow the laws of the road and cause the injuries of others, the West Palm Beach personal injury team at Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck P.A., may help victims hold them fully accountable for their actions in court.

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