November 2020 Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter, each of our attorney’s address an important personal injury topic

William Zoeller Answers A Common Personal Injury Question We Receive

𝑸𝒖𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏: How do I know if I have a personal-injury claim, and what compensation am I eligible for if I’ve been injured?

𝑨𝒏𝒔𝒘𝒆𝒓: Anytime you’re injured in an accident, and anytime somebody else is at fault (or may be at fault), you have a potential personal-injury claim.

Depending on who caused the accident that led to you being injured, there can be many liable parties. Typically, in auto accidents, the driver of the vehicle that hit you is at fault, but the party responsible could also be the owner of the vehicle. If you were injured by a company truck, let’s say a FedEx truck, then FedEx could be liable. The reality is that many different companies or people can be at fault.

If you’ve been injured by another party, you should contact a Board-Certified trial attorney to take a look at your case and confirm that you have a valid claim. Only six percent of all trial attorneys in Florida are Board-Certified, and it is imperative that you choose a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the field of personal injury.

“Board Certified Specialists” or “B.C.S.” means that a lawyer has special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in a specific field of law, and are evaluated for professionalism and tested for expertise. All the partners at our firm, including myself, are Board-Certified.

If you or someone you care about has been impacted by an accident – call or chat with us now so we can help you navigate your options. We will never stop working for our clients – even if it’s remotely. Contact us  or call 561.689.8180 to talk with someone today.

Losing Independence and The Devastating Effects of a Personal injury

By: Jason Weisser

For many seniors, independence is one of the most-important aspects of life. When that independence is taken away because of someone else’s carelessness, it can be devastating.

Carole was enjoying her retirement. She had more time to spend with family and friends, she could teach her grandkids to cook old family recipes, she was the driver in her group friends, and she would always make elaborate meals for the holidays and special occasions. She lived for attending her granddaughter’s soccer, volleyball and cheer events. She was living life on her terms.

One sunny afternoon Carole was driving home. As per usual, she smiled and waved at the gatehouse guard. Just moments from reaching her house, she was struck by an SUV when the driver ignored the stop sign and collided with the front right side of Bella’s vehicle. The damage was extensive, causing airbags to deploy and Bella’s car was deemed a total loss.

The pain she felt was sudden and excruciating. As she glanced down, she noticed the thumb on her hand was literally dangling off, caught between the airbag and the steering wheel. Because of the forceful impact, Carole suffered what is called a “degloving injury” to her dominant hand. This type of severe injury happens when the top layers of skin and tissue are ripped from the underlying muscle, connective tissue, or bone. Degloving injuries are often life-threatening.

Her piercing cries could be heard by neighbors down the street. When paramedics arrived, they immediately transported her to the trauma hospital, where she was rushed into emergency surgery so that doctors could attempt to save her right thumb.

In an instant, Carole’s independent life ended. Because the damage to her hand was so severe, she had to live in an independent living facility. She can’t play cards, she can’t cook, she can’t hang clothes up. “Everyday living is difficult,” she said.

Once a spirited senior, her life is now one of pain, infirmity and dependence on others. “My mother’s future is so different than it was a year ago because of the crash. She no longer has the independence or flexibility to do what she wants to do,” said her daughter, Megan.

“In my many years as a Personal Injury Lawyer I’ve helped many victims that were injured because someone was distracted and crashed into their vehicles,” said Jason Weisser, one of our firm’s Partners who secured a substantial settlement for Carole. “Thankfully the doctors were able to salvage her thumb, but her life will never be the same as her permanent injuries will cause her significant disability for the rest of her once-active life.”

Richard Schuler Discusses Aviation Accidents and How Unique They Are When it Comes to Personal Injury

While aviation accidents are less common than car accidents, they are still a very serious threat to those in the aircraft itself and those on the ground near a crash site. Even worse, these accidents are far too often caused by the negligence of the pilot, airline company, or the aircraft’s manufacturer, and could have been prevented.

In this video, Richard D. Schuler, our firm’s Founding Partner and President, discusses why airplane accident are specifically unique.

Michael Overbeck Reveals the #1 Factor that Helps an Injury Victim Get Maximum Compensation

Michael J. Overbeck explains why accurate documentation is the key to successful cases. Watch the full video below:


Tractor-Trailer Accident Case Study

Ben and his wife Kiki were driving across the country to visit Ben’s ill mother, who had been hospitalized. As they were driving through a narrow stretch of highway under construction, an inattentive tractor-trailer driver changed lanes into their vehicle, which crushed it against a concrete barrier wall. Kiki was able to make it out of their car, but Ben’s foot was caught in the wreckage.

The payload on the semi was combustible material, which ignited shortly after impact. Ben ultimately died a horrible, fiery death right in front of his wife.

How could a road trip to visit a sick loved one turn into a death sentence? When someone is negligent, reckless and irresponsible, it’s often the innocent victims who pay the price.

Firm Investigator, Joe Johnston, received a call the morning after the crash. Within hours, he was on a flight to meet with Kiki and about 30 family members, all who were all distraught over Ben’s shocking death. You could hear a pin drop at their meeting – they wanted answers and they wanted justice.

Mr. Johnston prepared for their meeting by gathering some detailed investigative material about the trucking company as well as some information about negligence laws in the state where the crash occurred.

The next day, Mr. Johnston inspected the tractor-trailer wreckage. During his inspection, Mr. Johnston discovered that the driver had been distracted by eating fast food and traveling with a cat (there was a kitty litter box on the passenger floorboard). Further investigation revealed that the driver had less than one year of experience driving semis.

With Mr. Johnston’s help, the insurance carrier for the semi driver tendered their policy limit a short time later. This money was desperately needed for Kiki to start her life without her Ben.

At Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A., we want to be there for you. We will go the extra mile to help you through all the difficulties that happen when someone is injured or killed from an accident. That is why we stand out: By providing personal, compassionate and consistent client experiences at every stage of interaction for a more connected and attentive experience.

If you or someone you care about has been impacted by an accident of any kind – call or chat with us now so we can help you navigate your options. We will never stop working for our clients – even if it’s remotely.

Fill out an online form or call 561-689-8180 to talk with someone today.

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