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Automobile Accidents

$20,000,000 verdict – for 18 year old female who suffered brain injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

$9,000,000 settlement – for severe injury in automobile accident due to negligent tire installation.

$3,950,000 settlement – for death of father who was killed by a drunk driver.

$3,077,000 – Auto accident settlement

$3,019,000 verdict – for death of minor involved in automobile accident. Part of claim against company which sold alcohol to a minor.

$3,000,000 settlement – 18-year old plaintiff was run over by a truck that was backing up, resulting in numerous fractures and permanent scarring.

$1,800,000 verdict – for gentleman who suffered a neck injury from a car accident.

$1,578,000 verdict – for gentleman who suffered serious neck and back injuries from motor vehicle crash.

$1,500,000 verdict – 42-year old Plaintiff was rear ended in a car accident and suffered a back injury requiring two surgeries.

$1,500,000 settlement – Settlement arising out of automobile accident of 51 year man who suffered multiple fractures resulting in surgery.

$1,400,000 settlement – Automobile accident where Defendant ran a red light and ‘T-boned’ Plaintiff in driver’s side door causing Plaintiff’s femur to fracture into 37 pieces.

$1,250,000 jury verdict – Plaintiff suffered mild brain injury as a result of automobile negligence and negligent placement of a dumpster blocking view of pedestrian from oncoming traffic. This was a FELA (Federal Employer’s Liability Act) case against a railroad.

$1,200,000 verdict – For a longshoreman who suffered permanent injuries as a result of a car accident.

$1,125,000 settlement – involving 40 year old female who suffered spinal injuries resulting in multiple surgeries.

$1,000,000 settlement – In case where a truck that was speeding rear-ended Plaintiff’s vehicle and pushed it into the path of an oncoming truck causing the death of a 40 year old man who left a wife and daughter surviving.

$1,000,000 verdict – For single woman in her 40’s arising from automobile accident. Defense claimed minor impact could not cause injuries and any physical problems plaintiff had were not from accident. Defense offered $5,000.

$1,000,000 settlement – 40-year old plaintiff hit head on by defendant who drove on the wrong side on road and suffered fractured hip requiring two surgeries.

Medical Malpractice

$3,500,000 settlement – client suffered a severe head injury

$1,000,000 settlement – clients’ feet were severely burned due to caretaker’s negligence

$4,500,000 – Medical malpractice verdict

$4,500,000 settlement – involving a woman in her 50’s suffering brain damage following surgery.

$3,850,000 settlement – involving a man in his 30’s suffering brain injury from failure to promptly treat a head injury.

$2,000,000 – Medical malpractice settlement

$1,500,000 settlement – Involving a man in his 30’s for failed back surgery.

$1,450,000 settlement – arising of death of mother in her 20’s. Failure to diagnose and treat condition.

$1,000,000 settlement in a medical malpractice case for husband and two young daughters, ages 4 and 6, as survivors of a patient who died from Hodgkin’s Disease as a result of failure to prescribe appropriate treatment for the disease in a timely fashion.

Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

$17.1 million verdict – sexual molestation. A ten year old boy was sexually molested by a seventeen year old male, resulting in physical and psychological damages.

$12,000,000 settlement on behalf of a construction company/bonding company as a result of losses suffered when new ownership took over large construction company and negligently performed management and contract services.

$6,450,000 verdict for a widow whose husband walked out of a nursing home and was found drown in a pond a day later.

$5,000,000 settlement for boat explosion case involving 65 year old female who suffered burns to 52% of her body.
$4,500,000 verdict – wrongful death of parents (father 69, mother 65) who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in their home (against the builder and architect). Case was brought by PR daughter (age 46) on behalf of parents’ estate and survivors- daughters, ages 46 and 43.

$2,708,000 verdict – wrongful death of 43 year old, single mother of two minor children as a result of a DUI driver who rear-ended her automobile while she was stopped at a red light.

$2,600,000 settlement – 50-year old plaintiff who contracted food poisoning at resort in Turks and Caicos and suffered serious traumatic brain injury as result of fall.

$2,525,000 – Man in his 20’s suffered significant injury to his leg from product failure.

$2,275,000 settlement – Hot water scalding of a 4 year old little girl as a result of landlord’s neglect and product defect in a water heater.

$1,100,000 settlement – 3 individuals who were sexually assaulted by a Priest and suffered serious emotion injuries.

Aviation Accidents

$1,995,000 settlement – single engine plane crash as a result of negligent maintenance and repair of the altimeter and FAA violations of airport.

$1,700,000 settlement – 18 year old female killed in aircraft collision.

Boating Accidents

$1,895,000 – Boating accident settlement

$5,000,000 settlement – for boat explosion case involving 65 year old female who suffered burns to 52% of her body.

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