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Did you suffer serious injuries due to a car defect or malfunction? You may be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries, your financial losses, and your future discomfort. Obtaining these benefits, however, often requires the assistance of an experienced lawyer who knows how to prove your claim and pursue full compensation on your behalf.

When you purchase a vehicle, you have every reason to expect it to be safe and function as intended. Unfortunately, negligent car manufacturers sometimes release defective and malfunctioning vehicles for unsuspecting consumers to purchase. When parts installed on your car do not work properly, your life and health, as well as the lives and health of your loved ones, could be placed in danger.

These dangerous products can result in severe injuries to the driver and other drivers on the road. When a manufacturer is aware of their defective products, they are knowingly endangering public safety by increasing the risk of potential accidents.

Such conduct is undeniably wrong, but to prove the manufacturer acted improperly and put you and others in danger, you’ll need to work with the lawyers at Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A., who have the experience and legal skill to pursue your case aggressively and effectively.

At Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A., our West Palm Beach car defects and malfunction lawyers hold auto manufacturers responsible for the dangerous products they distribute. We have decades of experience that allow us to understand the mechanical complexities behind these faulty parts and the legal responsibility these car and part manufacturers have for the products they sell.

We care about getting these results right, which is why we do not get paid until you win a monetary award. If you or someone you know was injured in an auto accident due to a defective part, contact our West Palm Beach attorneys today at 561.689.8180.

Pursuing a Car Defects Case Requires a Lawyer

Connecting your accident and your injuries to a faulty part or poor vehicle construction requires a great deal of legal knowledge and technical understanding. In almost all cases, that means you will need to work with a lawyer if you intend to pursue compensation.

With an attorney by your side, you can focus on regaining your health and your strength, while taking care of your family and others who may have been injured. Your lawyer can handle the legal requirements for your case so that you can get back to your old life.

Those legal requirements will include a thoroughly investigating your accident, working with reconstruction experts to determine what went wrong and why, and collecting evidence that proves this expert analysis is correct. Then, your lawyer will build strong legal arguments that bring all these various elements together into a compelling case that the opposition cannot deny. With a lawyer on your side, you are likely to win a much larger settlement than you would trying to handle your case alone.

Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A. Goes Above and Beyond for Our Clients

One of the difficulties associated with a vehicle defect or malfunction case is that you will likely have to face some of the best attorneys in the country. Car manufacturers and parts manufacturers are usually huge companies that put a great deal of money towards hiring the best possible lawyers to defend them against cases just like yours.

To overcome the legal tactics and strategies these lawyers have in mind, you will need to work with lawyers who understand every aspect of your case, including the mechanical issues involved. To ensure your lawyer has this level of understanding, you should seek out a firm that has a proven track record going up against major companies and getting results.

Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A. has been winning big cases for decades for our clients. We have won millions of dollars for those who have suffered catastrophic injuries in situations just like yours. No matter who the lawyer is or what their legal arguments are for the car companies, we know how to counter and overcome them.

Our legal skills and history of success have won us awards and prestige thanks to the appreciation of our former clients and the acclaim of our colleagues in the legal field. We have been named one of the 10 Best in Client Satisfaction in 2015 by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys. We are also listed among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by The National Trial Lawyer.

We will pursue your claim vigorously, with the single-minded dedication such cases require. We are so confident in our ability to win your case that we don’t charge anything unless we win a monetary award for you.

Common Car Defects

One of the more recent and well-known vehicle defects, which led to millions of cars in the United States being recalled, was the faulty ignition switch on some cars manufactured by General Motors. There were two models – the Chevrolet Cobalt and the Saturn Ion – that seemed to be most susceptible to the disastrous results of this defective ignition switch.

Even more egregious was the revelation that General Motors engineers knew the ignition switch was defective quite some time before the recall and that replacing it would have cost a mere 57 cents per switch.

After 124 fatalities and 275 injuries that were directly linked to this faulty ignition switch, General Motors recalled millions of cars that had been manufactured during the time period when this switch was being used and paid $120 million dollars in settlement claims across the nation.

A car is a very complex machine with parts that are intricately linked. Should even some small parts fail to work as required, the whole vehicle may be unable to function as it needs to. Some parts are more important than others, and when they malfunction, they are more likely to cause serious harm to the driver, passengers, and others on the road.

Several integral parts of a car are commonly defective or prone to malfunction. We can help you file a legal claim if you are injured after any of the following reasons:

  • Seat Belt Injuries
  • Brake Malfunction
  • Tire Defects
  • Air Bag Defects
  • Child Car Seat Defects

While these are some of the most common parts that lead to injuries when they malfunction, they are by no means the only parts that can do so. If you are unsure if a part malfunctioned in your car, be sure to contact us immediately so we can review your accident with you.

At Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A., our mission is to find you the help you need after a negligent car manufacturer caused you physical, mental, and emotional damages. You may be entitled to financial compensation for any property damage, medical bills, or other expenses you incurred after your accident in West Palm Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Defects or Malfunctions

When a part on your vehicle is subject to a recall, you will receive a recall notice from the manufacturer. To have the part replaced, you should contact the dealership you purchased the automobile from. You will then take your vehicle to the dealer and they should perform all necessary repairs at no cost to you.

If a dealer refuses to repair your vehicle in accordance with a letter from the manufacturer, then you should immediately contact the manufacturer. You can also file a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at safercar.gov.

Yes. Manufacturers are usually required to reimburse consumers for any costs incurred to remedy safety conditions prior to a recall. Vehicle manufacturers are required to reimburse vehicle owners for costs incurred to remedy a defect based on either the date NHTSA opens its Engineering Analysis or one year prior to the manufacturer’s notification of a defect to NHTSA, whichever is earlier.

The closing date of eligibility for reimbursement of repair of a motor vehicle is 10 days after the manufacturer mails the last of the owner notices informing owners of a safety defect recall and cost-free remedy.

With equipment replacement, the closing date is either the same as for motor vehicles or 30 days after the manufacturer ends its efforts to provide public notice of the existence of a defect, whichever date is later. Manufacturers are usually willing to reimburse consumers if they can prove they paid for the necessary repairs.

Only in rare circumstances. Florida is one of the few states in the country that does not require annual safety or emissions inspections. Instead, Florida requires that a vehicle be inspected only when it is purchased out of state, or it is a used car bought within Florida. A vehicle inspection is also required as part of the driver’s license application process.

Contact a Car Defects or Malfunction Lawyer in West Palm Beach

Automakers should be held responsible for the dangerous products they release for public use. If you or someone you know sustained severe injuries due to a malfunction or car defect, contact the West Palm Beach car accident lawyers at Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A.. Our car defects and malfunction attorneys have extensive experience handling complex litigation to obtain needed financial compensation for our clients. Please call 561.689.8180 today for more information about how we can help you.

Last Updated : February 23, 2022

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