Even the slightest lapse in precision during anesthesia can cause serious harm to a patient. Although anesthesiologists are likely to be well-versed in their profession, they may make negligent mistakes and risk the health and safety of their patients. In fact, anesthesia errors can cause brain damage, permanent injuries, and even death. The West Palm Beach anesthesia error lawyers at Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A., understand just how serious it is to be the victim of this kind of medical malpractice and can represent you as you fight for justice against the responsible physician.

Common Anesthesia Errors

If an anesthesiologist does not perform his or her job carefully, a patient may suffer the consequences of serious and even life-threatening injuries. The following includes common anesthesia errors that can further injure a patient:

Anesthesia Dosage Errors:

Administering too much or too little anesthesia can lead to complications. An overdose may result in respiratory depression, cardiac arrest, or even death, while underdosing can lead to inadequate pain control or awareness during surgery.

Medication Errors:

Anesthesia involves the use of various medications. Errors may occur in the selection, preparation, or administration of these drugs, leading to adverse effects or complications.

Equipment Failures:

Malfunctioning anesthesia equipment, such as ventilators or monitoring devices, can compromise patient safety. Regular maintenance and checks are crucial to prevent equipment failures.

Inadequate Monitoring:

Continuous monitoring of a patient’s vital signs, including heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, is essential during anesthesia. Failure to monitor these parameters appropriately can result in delayed detection of complications.

Inadequate Preoperative Assessment:

Failing to gather and assess a patient’s medical history, allergies, or other relevant information before administering anesthesia can lead to complications.

Communication Errors:

Poor communication among members of the healthcare team can contribute to anesthesia errors. It is crucial for team members to communicate effectively to ensure patient safety.

Failure to Obtain Informed Consent:

Anesthesia providers must ensure that patients fully understand the risks and benefits of anesthesia. Failure to obtain informed consent may lead to legal and ethical issues.

Inadequate Postoperative Care:

Monitoring and managing patients after surgery are critical to identify and address any complications promptly. Inadequate postoperative care can lead to delayed recognition of issues and contribute to adverse outcomes.

Allergic Reactions:

Anesthesia providers must be aware of patients’ allergies and avoid substances that could trigger allergic reactions.

Patient Positioning Errors:

Incorrect positioning of the patient during surgery can lead to complications such as nerve damage, pressure ulcers, or compromised ventilation.

At Schuler, Weisser, Zoeller, Overbeck & Baxter P.A., our West Palm Beach anesthesia error attorneys are prepared to help you seek damages for medical malpractice. Do not hesitate to seek financial compensation from a dangerous medical professional for the damages you are rightfully owed.

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Last Updated : March 7, 2024

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